1. Where are you located?
    Our facilities are located in Starbuck, Minnesota. Starbuck is about half way between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota.
  2. I do not want my products shipped via UPS. Can I have another option?
    Although we use UPS as our default shipper, we can ship via USPS at your request.  However, if a package is 2#'s or less or is being sent to another country, we use USPS as it is the most economical method for these orders. We do not ship via Federal Express.
  3. Will you email me the total cost of shipping, prior to shipping?                         Upon request, we will email you with an estimate of the shipping charges for your order.  If you would like to receive an email with the estimated shipping charges for your order simply make a note of this in the 'comments' section of the shopping cart.  If you would prefer to get an estimate of the shipping charges before you place an order, we would be happy to calculate that for you. Please be sure to include your ZIP CODE along with a list of the items you wish to order in your email. Note that these will be estimates only, the actual shipping charges may vary once the order has been packaged and weighed.
  4. If I order more than one type of vertical mold can I get a discount on the Wood QuickLiner since only one quickliner is included per order?
    No. The wood quickliner is actually not figured into the pricing of the molds, so there would be no discounts on the molds that do not come with a quickliner. However, you may request an additional wood liner if you are purchasing more than one double or quad mold at no charge.
    You can also order additional Wood or Mylar quickliners from the accessories page.


  1. Do you make your crates and displays, or are they made elsewhere?
    All crates are made right here in our facility. The parts are cut and hand assembled on site. Each piece is lightly sanded on the outside. The inside of the crates may have roughness.  Slight variances in dimensions are allowed, but no more than 1/8 inch.
  2. What are your crates and displays made of?
    All stock size crates are made from Pine. We chose Pine, since it has good durability, resists cracking, is light, takes stains well, and is economically priced. We may opt to use Baltic Birch plywood on a custom crate if the size and configuration require it.  Our display units are made from Baltic Birch Plywood. This product is less expensive, clearer and lighter than solid wood for these items.
  3. Do you have any other wood other than Pine available?
    Yes, you can order a custom wood. There are special considerations when choosing a custom wood, such as crate size and configuration and cost. Additional lead-time will be required for custom woods.
    We will be happy to help you with your selection and provide you with a quote.
  4. How do you figure the pricing of Custom Crates?
    Custom crates are figured "from scratch" by calculating the cost of a board foot or square foot of material, along with labor, Color or Stain, etc.
  5. Are there any limitations to custom crates or displays?
    There are very few limitations, as to what we can make.  We are happy to provide you with your custom crate or display needs.  We have worked with many customers on a number of different custom needs.                                                                                                                                  
  6. Why is there an up charge for color or stain?
    We do not do color or stain anymore.
  7. Will you do custom stains or colors?
    We do not do color or stain anymore
  8. Can you help me select which crate will fit my products?
    We have given the INSIDE dimensions for each crate in our online catalog. To find out if your products will fit inside the crate, you can draw an outline of the crate using those dimensions on a piece of paper, then set your products within the lines. This will give you a good idea if your items will fit inside the crate. If you need a crate a different size than you find on our web site, we would be happy to work up on estimate for you. Just let us know what you would like the INSIDE dimensions (length, width & height) of the crate to be.





  1. Can I shrink wrap the mold parts?
    Our testers did try to shrink wrap the mold, but found that using the QuickLiner™ was actually much easier and faster!


  2. In my QUAD MOLD I have darkening of the corners in milk soap, is this normal?
    Some recipes may have dark corners or edges on the sides that "meet". This happens mostly with Milk type soaps, which tend to heat more. We do suggest if you plan on making milk soaps to use the log or slab mold for best results. The vertical molds may not allow enough heat to escape and cause the soap to darken.


  3. The Mold parts seem to not want to go together, the pieces are very tight.
    We make every attempt to pre-assemble every mold before shipping to ensure the parts will fit together properly. As the plastic the molds are made from does tend to vary in thickness, occasionally there will be a part that will fit tighter than others and my need some 'persuasion' to go into the groove.


  4. Does it matter what type of lining I use?
    Yes it does. The molds work best with Butcher Paper, Freezer Wrap, or Waxed Paper. We find freezer wrap actually works the best, as it is easier to remove from the actual soap log once it is taken from the mold due to the plastic coating on one side.


  5. Should I put the shiny part of the Freezer wrap towards the inside so it is against the soap? Or the non-shiny side?
    You will want the shiny side to touch the soap log. It will be easier to take off the log.


  6. When I try to take the QuickLiner™ out of the mold, the Lining buckles and comes part way out!
    Remove the QuickLiner™ SLOWLY!
    You do not want to cause suction within the mold. Gently raise the QuickLiner™ out of the mold allowing air to flow into the slats.
    If you remove it too quickly it can cause suction and the lining will buckle.
    Don't worry! You will get the hang of it!


  7. Should I insulate the mold?
    If your house is very cold, you may need to drape a couple towels over the vertical mold to prevent a "dogbone" effect.
    You may cover the top of the open end of the log with wax paper or plastic wrap etc. But fully covering the mold in towels or blankets etc. is NOT NEEDED if your room is relatively warm.
    The material of the QuickLine Mold System™ is Very Dense, and holds heat quite well!


  8. I didn't see my soap go into Gel Stage!
    In a vertical mold you will sometimes not be able to see Gel Stage, since it is happening down inside the mold. Not to worry! Your soap IS GELLING!


  9. Do I have to take the mold apart every time I want to take a soap log out?
    Most of the time you can simply loosen the bolts a little, fold the tops of the lining material over the top of the mold, and pull out the log! Or.. if it is a little stubborn, you can turn the mold upside down and rap against a solid surface to dislodge the log. No need to take apart the mold every time!
    If your liner had a leak and soap is stuck to the inside of the mold, gently tapping on the sides can release the soap log. If this doesn't work, you will need to take the mold apart.


  10. Can I get a bigger or different size mold?
    Yes you can. Go to the CUSTOM page to fill out our Custom Mold Quote Form.


  11. I lost one of the bolts to the mold. Can I get a replacement?
    You can email us to get an additional bolt, however, you can simply go down to your local hardware store and ask for a 1/4" X 6" eyebolt for the single 3# and double 6# vertical molds and the 3# log mold.
    The four compartment vertical and 12# slab mold, and block molds use custom length threaded rods. You will need to contact us for these rods.


  12. I have the 3 Lb Mold and 3 lbs of oil recipe over fills the mold!
    These molds are figured on entire VOLUME of the recipe not only oils.  If you have a recipe using 48 oz of oil and you add 16 oz of Liquid, you now have a 4 LB batch of soap! Our molds are actually made to hold more than the weight stated. For example, a 3# mold will hold approximately 3 1/2 lbs.


  13. Why do you have wood liners in vertical molds and Mylar liners in log and slab molds?
    We found that the Wood Quickliner works extremely well in the vertical molds. However, it was not a very efficient method with the log and slab molds.
    The Mylar liner sheets were introduced for the log and slab molds, as they are much quicker and easier to use with this type of mold. 


  14. Can I get Mylar liners for my vertical molds?
    YES! They are available on our Accessories Page. Even though we do offer Mylar liners for our vertical molds, they tend to be more difficult to use properly. As we strongly suggest that petroleum jelly be applied to the seams of the mold before inserting the Mylar sheets, not many people have hands small enough to fit down into the opening of a vertical mold.


  15. Can I use this Mold for HP or CPOP?
    You can use this mold for HP without any problems.
    We have tested the new log mold up to 250° (not continuous heat), and the mold held very well over many tests! We do suggest you place a solid surface under the mold in your oven.
    Exposure to heat over time may weaken the mold. The Warranty does NOT cover for any heat damage.


  16. Can I buy molds and sell them in my craft store or online?
    You can sell these molds in any retail craft store or shop. However, NO Online sales will be allowed without our expressed consent.
  17. When I placed my mold / cutter order, it does not give me shipping.
    Shipping will be figured separately from the shopping cart. You will only be charged for the actual shipping of the merchandise plus a small amount to offset the cost of the carton used to ship your order, packaging and insurance. We feel this is the best way to help keep shipping cost as reasonable as possible for our customers. If you would like to receive an email with the estimated shipping charges for your order simply make a note of this in the 'comments' section of the shopping cart.  If you would prefer to get an estimate of the shipping charges before you place an order, we would be happy to calculate that for you. Please be sure to include your ZIP CODE along with a list of the items you wish to order in your email. Note that these will be estimates only, the actual shipping charges may vary once the order has been packaged and weighed.
  18. Can I get a sample of my custom crate or display before I place an order?         Yes, you can.  Unfortunately, we can no longer send out a free sample. You will be charged the 1 unit price plus shipping charges to receive a sample.
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